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Frequently Asked Questions – Oakland Airport Parking

Q: Where is Expresso Airport Parking located?
A: Expresso Airport Parking is conveniently located at 880 Doolittle Drive in San Leandro near Oakland International Airport
Q: What are the hours of operation?
A: Expresso Airport Parking is a 24 hour operation. We are always open.
Q: How do I get from Expresso Airport Parking to Oakland Airport?
A: That’s easy. Expresso offers a convenient shuttle bus service that leaves approximately every 10 minutes from the facility. There are three shuttle stops on the property; however, guests are welcome to come to the lobby located inside the valet area to board directly onto the shuttle.
Q: How far is Expresso Airport Parking from the Airport?
A: The facility is approximately 1.5 miles from Oakland International Airport, and is a quick 8 minute shuttle ride to and from the airport.
Q: Once I am at Oakland Airport, where does the shuttle drop off and pick up?
A: The designated shuttle drop off and pick up is located at 4E.
Q: Can I text for shuttle pickup once I’ve retrieved my luggage at OAK?
A: Yes, text ‘SHUTTLE’ to 510-454-8811. You will receive a confirmation text and should proceed to 4E for pickup.
Q: Can I use Expresso to access the local mass transit system?
A: Yes, just take one of our convenient shuttles to the Oakland Aiport and you will be able to connect easily and conveniently to BART.
Q: Are your rates per day or per hour?
A: Expresso charges by the day. However, for partial days parked, Expresso operates on an hourly system. Charges are applied hourly depending on the parking section, per hour until the daily rate is reached. This is designed to save our guests money (in other words, if you stayed for 25 hours, you would be billed for one full day and for one additional hour, as opposed to two full days’ worth of parking charges). Our long term parking rates are the best around Oakland.
Q: Do I present my coupon when I enter Expresso?
A: Just present your coupon to the cashier when you exit and you will receive your discount! If your coupon has a QR code on it, you can scan it at the equipment at exit, either with your printed coupon or by displaying the coupon on your mobile device. Click here for Oakland Airport Coupons at Expresso Parking!
Q: Are your shuttle buses compatible with wheel chairs or mobility scooters?
A: Expresso Airport Parking has handicapped parking spaces and a bus with a lift for powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters. We’d be very happy to take you to the airport in our bus with a lift. For greatest convenience, please give us a call about 30 minutes before your arrival at Expresso Airport Parking, and we’ll have our accessible bus ready and waiting for you.
Q: Do you have discounts for travel agents?
A: Travel agents can receive 50% off of the full price, as long as they present their IATA card and a business card at the cashier booth when exiting the facility. Without these documents, discounts cannot be given. Discount cannot be combined with any other offer.
Q: Do you have a weekly parking rate?
A: Yes, click to access the coupon for Weekly Parking for Oakland Airport at Expresso Airport Parking.
Q: Are reservations required to park at the facility?
A: Reservations are not required. It is recommended to reserve a space online throughout the peak summer season and high travel holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are no assigned spaces when making a reservation. For instance, if you select our indoor self-parking option, proceed to the indoor self-parking area and park in whichever space you prefer. Expresso reserves the right to become reservation-only at any time and for any reason.
Q: What is your policy for canceling reservations? I would like to make a reservation for six months from now, but I don’t know whether it would be wise to do it so far in advance. Thanks.
A: Reservations made at Expressoparking.com are really, really easy: We don’t ask for a credit card, you can cancel anytime, and cancelation is merely a courtesy – If you forget to cancel, no worries. You can make an advance reservation with confidence – you are assured a parking space, but, if plans change, you can change or cancel the reservation.
Q: I’m making a reservation, but not certain of return date – please advise.
A: A reservation at Expresso Airport Parking assures the guest of entrance to the parking facility. You may return on whatever day you choose – many of our parkers, particularly business travelers, do not know what day they will return. We only ask for return dates to help our operational team formulate very rough estimates number of entrances and exits to a particular type of parking during a time period. We take into consideration in our formulation of these estimates that many guests will not exit from on the day the originally planned.
Q: Previously, after taking long trips, we have needed our vehicle jump started in order to get car started again. Do you have jumper cables?
A: Yes, we have jumper cables, and we’d be happy to provide a jump start when you return.
Q: How do Big Shot members redeem their points?
A: To redeem ‘free day’ points, upon entering the facility, members should pull a ticket at the gate rather than using their Big Shot Card. At the end of your stay, present your ticket along with your Big Shots Rewards card to receive your complimentary day(s). Big Shot ‘free car wash’ is redeemed by notifying the valet upon entry. Member may use the Big Shot Card to enter the facility. Upon exiting the facility present your Big Shots Rewards card to receive the complimentary car wash services. Thanks for your interest in Expresso – Please Contact us if you have any other questions!
Q: Why choose Expresso Airport Parking?
A: Click here to learn about all the benefits and savings at Expresso Airport Parking in Oakland.
Q: Are there any other charges outside of your low daily rate?
A: Expresso’s low rates do not include applicable taxes and fees.
Q: I’m a Big Shot Rewards Program member and I love the convenience. I didn’t receive a receipt at the facility when I paid. What gives?
A: Expresso Airport Parking is committed to sustainability in parking. As such, we’ve designed our Big Shot Rewards Program to be paperless in nature. You will receive an electronic receipt within 48 hours of checking out of Expresso Airport Parking.
Q: I’d like to know a little more about parking at Expresso. Where can I find out more?
A: We have an engaging video that covers many of the reasons why parking with us is your best choice for Oakland Airport Parking.