Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you’ll find a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any remaining questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.


Expresso Airport Parking Hours & Location Inquiries

Expresso Airport Parking is conveniently located at 195 98th Ave., Oakland, CA, minutes away from Oakland International Airport.

Expresso Airport Parking is a 24-hour operation. We are always open and shuttle services run 24/7.

Expresso offers a convenient Oakland Airport shuttle bus service that leaves the facility approximately every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day.

Expresso Airport Parking is approximately one mile from Oakland International Airport, or a quick five-minute shuttle ride.

Expresso Airport Parking General Questions

The designated shuttle drop-off and pick-up area is located at curb 4F.

Yes, just take one of our shuttles to Oakland Airport and you will be able to connect to BART easily and conveniently.

Our Oakland Airport parking company has handicapped parking spaces and a bus with a lift for powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters. We’d be very happy to take you to the airport in our bus with a lift. For greatest convenience, please give us a call about 30 minutes before your arrival at Expresso Airport Parking, and we’ll have our accessible bus ready and waiting for you. In the event that our wheelchair lift is inoperable, we can accommodate by paying for your rideshare or taxi.

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Yes. We have jumper cables, and we’d be happy to provide a jump start when you return to OAK.

Expresso Airport Parking Rates & Reservation Inquiries

Expresso Airport Parking charges by the day. However, for partial days parked, Expresso operates on an hourly system. Charges vary depending on the parking section and are applied hourly until the daily rate is reached. For example, if you stayed for 25 hours, you would be billed for one full day and for one additional hour, as opposed to two full days’ worth of parking charges. This is designed to save our guests money.

Yes, our grace period is up to 60 minutes. After 90 minutes, we charge an hourly rate (Outdoor $3/hour) up until the daily max.

Expresso’s low rates do not include applicable taxes and fees.

Present your coupon to the cashier when you exit and you will receive your discount! If your coupon has a QR code on it, you can scan it at the equipment at the exit, either with your printed coupon or by displaying the coupon on your mobile device.

Expresso is a credit card-only facility. Payments can be made with debit cards and credit cards. Cash is not accepted.

Yes, visit our homepage for specials on weekly parking for Oakland Airport at Expresso Airport Parking..

Reservations are not required. It is recommended to reserve a space online throughout the peak summer season and high travel holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are no assigned spaces when making a reservation. Expresso reserves the right to become reservation-only at any time and for any reason.

Notice of cancellation must be received at least 24 hours prior to the start of the reservation in order to receive a full refund for pre-paid reservations.

reservation at Expresso Airport Parking assures you, our guest, entrance to the parking facility. You may return on whatever day you choose – many of our parkers, particularly business travelers, do not know what day they will return. We only ask for return dates to help our operational team formulate general estimates for the number of entrances and exits to different types of parking during a time period. We take into consideration that many guests will not exit on the day they originally planned.

Expresso Airport Parking Rewards Program

When you are logged into your account, you can redeem your Big Shot points at the time of booking. We encourage you to redeem your points while booking, as it simplifies your checkout process, but we can add points at the cashier booth, as well. Big Shot points cannot be combined with promos or other discounts.

Expresso Airport Parking is committed to sustainability in parking. As such, we’ve designed our Big Shot 2.0 Rewards Program to be paperless. You will receive an electronic receipt within 48 hours of checking out of Expresso Airport Parking.