5 Ways Travel Can Improve Your Health

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At our Oakland Airport parking company, we love to travel. Packing up and heading somewhere for the weekend or a long getaway can not only add anticipation and excitement, but it can also improve your health. Here, we share five ways that traveling can impact your body and mind on a positive level:

Stress Relief

Whether it’s work, family, friends, or something else that’s causing you stress, you can only spend so much time unwinding in front of the TV or taking yoga classes. Traveling can help you de-stress on a deeper level by giving you an opportunity to escape your daily routine and the things that you do most. When you travel, you can clear your head of what’s bothering you and instead, gain some relaxing “me” time.

Decreased Heart Risks

Several different studies have shown that those who take frequent vacations (and at least more than three weeks of vacation time per year) can lower their risk of suffering a heart attack or developing heart disease. This goes for both men and women, so don’t be afraid to book that next trip to the mountains or the beach!

Improved Patience

Traveling is a lot of fun, but it also often leads to spur-of-the-moment plan changes. Whether it’s a delayed flight, a lost hotel reservation, car trouble, or something else, there’s bound to be an issue you’ll have to face. While rectifying it can put a damper on your day, it can also help you improve your patience, and the more you travel, the more patience you’ll have to work things out.

A Better Brain

When you take a trip, you’re opening your mind to new people, new places, new food, new activities, and more. All of these new experiences can improve your cognitive flexibility and keep your mind sharp. In addition, being open to new things just once can make you more likely to try new things in the future. Like Carl Sagan says, “Keeping an open mind is a virtue.”

Social Skills

Whether you’re an extrovert who loves talking to new people or an introvert who prefers being on your own, traveling can help you improve your social skills. Each time you travel, you’ll end up having conversations with strangers, from taxi drivers to hotel attendants to bartenders and more. The more you talk to those around you, the more comfortable you’ll become and the more you’ll improve your social skills.

How does traveling help your health? Share your favorite thing about traveling with our Oakland Airport parking company, then make a parking reservation with us to improve your peace of mind and make your next trip even easier!