Expresso Park And Fly Oakland Options Ensure That Bookends Of Your Much-Needed Vacation Are A Success

Oakland Airport parking

Nobody wants to “become a statistic,” so to speak – no matter what that statistic may be. When it comes to vacation, a disturbing trend appears to be popping up and grabbing headlines year after year. According to a January 29, 2018 article from, less than half of Americans plan to take their vacation time and those who do spend less than six weeks planning the outing. These revelations and more come as part of research from Project: Time Off, which also notes that the mathematical cost of foregoing vacation means $236 billion in economic revenue that’s unrealized and 662 million combined vacation days that go nowhere. As Project: Time Off puts it on their website, “These unused days carry significant economic impact, threaten the sustainability of a productive and creative workforce, and have a damaging effect on employee’s personal well-being and relationships.”


When you rightly decide to use the time away from work that’s granted by employers, you soon after realize that the planning process should commence in earnest. From budgeting to ensure that this will be an affordable adventure to using the Expresso park and fly Oakland options for airport vehicle storage, travel experts will tell you that a proactive traveler is a safe and happy one. According to, “advanced planning” is one way to work around the excess of work that will likely great vacationers upon their return to the Monday-through-Friday grind. In fact, the study found that nearly 60 percent of workers surveyed had previously taken work with them on vacation. “The more time you have to prepare before you leave, the more enjoyable the vacation experience – it’s no wonder that planners are happier people,” Project: Time Off’s chief of research and strategy told the website.


As stated above, our Oakland Airport parking company is an option for vehicle storage while you’re away is one of the wisest planning moves you can make. That’s because this facility that’s located a mere eight minutes from the Oakland International Airport terminals means you won’t have to fight for a parking spot with thousands of other fliers who are in just as much of a rush as you are. With park and fly, guests can benefit from around-the-clock operations, shuttles from the lot to the airport, video surveillance and real-time flight schedules on-site so you’ll know before leaving Expresso Airport Parking if your flight is on time or delayed. By booking your Oakland Airport parking in advance, the bookends of your vacation are a guaranteed success.