Redefine ‘Staycation’ By Remaining In California While Flying To Landmark Destinations

Oakland Airport Parking

California is a big place. When we say “big,” we mean 39 million people across 163,000 square miles and 770 miles of coastline. The third largest state in the union is so big in fact that it’s one of just two states that border the Pacific Ocean. Travel experts say that driving the length of the state would take somewhere between 11 and 15 hours if you took one of two main routes. It’s this vast distance that should tell Californians to take to the air and cut their travel time down to a few hours if they’re looking to go anywhere else in the state. As the Los Angeles Times put it in a recent exploration of in-state places to see, “there’s no place like home.” With that in mind, we’d like to further explore this concept and show you why a “staycation” — so to speak — in California still offers a great escape.


1) Why fly: Opting for an airline to get you to your destination over the roadway congestion that Califiornia is known for perfectly bookends a hassle-free trip out of town. What makes this even easier is that Oakland Airport parking will allow you to leave your vehicle in a safe garage for the duration of your vacation. The best facilities that also offer options for Oakland Internernational Airport parking will provide shuttles to the terminals, low prices, easy payment options and a guarded garage.


2) Where to land: We’ve already established how large California is. Thus, it makes perfect sense that some airports will see tens of millions of people board flights in a single year. If you’ve found the best Oakland Airport pakring option and are ready to head out toward other destinations in California, the most popular airports include LAX in Los Angeles, SFO in San Francisco, SAN in San Diego and SJC in San Jose. All of these are international airports, as well.


3) Where to go: Some may find vacationing in your own state an odd concept. Thing is, they don’t live in a state the size of California and can probably drive from one end to the other in an hour or three. Given the size of California, the vast changes in geography and economy means there will be plenty of sights to see regardless of your interest. By landing in Los Angeles, you  can see the “Hollywood” sign and visit Venice Beach. For those who want to trade the urban settings for sprawling nature, Big Sur State Park is about 100 miles shy of San Jose’s airport. For the history buffs in  your crew, the infamous Alcatraz Island is about a half-hour drive from San Francisco’s airport.